The Texas Flag: History & That means

Learn about the history of the Texas state flag, which was once the flag of the impartial Republic of Texas. Each part of the Lone Star Flag represents something about Texas. The Flag Code of Texas describes how the flag must be treated.
The Lone Star State and the Lone Star Flag
Texas is known as the ‘Lone Star State’ – but did you know that the nickname comes from the Texas flag? The iconic Lone Star Flag is a symbol of Texas pride, however it wasn’t truly the first flag of Texas. In this lesson, we’ll go over the history of the Lone Star Flag and the opposite flags which have represented Texas over the years.

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The History of the Texas Flag
Before it was part of the USA, Texas was ruled first by Spain, then by France, after which by Mexico. As a Spanish possession between 1519 and 1685, Texas officially used the Spanish flag. The Spanish flag has red stripes alongside the top and backside edge, with a thicker yellow stripe in the middle. On the left-hand side is the arms of Castile and Leon.

From 1684 to 1690, Texas flew the flag of the Kingdom of France, which featured gold fleurs-de-lys on a white background. Between 1690 and 1821, Texas reverted to Spanish possession and the Spanish flag. Then in 1821, Texas became part of Mexico and flew the Mexican flag till 1836, when the Republic of Texas declared its independence.

In December of 1836, the Congress of the Republic of Texas approved the National Standard of Texas. This flag was simple however striking: it featured a yellow star in the middle of a dark blue background.

That was the flag of Texas until 1839. In January 1939, the Texas Congress approved a new flag, with the identical colors because the US flag however a unique design. On the new flag, there is a bar of dark blue running along the left-hand side, with one white star in the middle. On the rest of the flag, the top half is white and the decrease half is red. Because it has only one star, this flag is known as the Lone Star Flag.

The Lone Star Flag was the flag of the Republic of Texas until Texas became a US state in 1845. At that time, the United States flag formally grew to become the national flag of Texas, however the state kept the Lone Star Flag as a state flag. The Texas state flag is the only US state flag that was the flag of a separate sovereign nation.

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